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Virtual office

Nice office represents also the company, which is located in it. There are however areas where there is no need to have own premises. However, due to circumstances such as goodwill (reputation), or
mailing address, you are forced to rent a space. Also, you might be interested in this service if you
intend to extend your activities into a different city. We have a cost-effective solution for you.

Virtual office.

Virtual office has also the following advantages:

  • · Affordable “rent”
  • · No charges for energy
  • · Without worries about employees
  • · Operation 24 hours also during holidays
  • · Unlimited number of offices (for example also in neighboring city)
  • · Taking care of your mail (for example forwarding mail)
  • · You have someone to rely on, that someone takes care of your needs


Service virtual office includes

  • · providing a office for company,
  • · mail custody,
  • · mailbox at our reception,
  • · mail forwarding advice on delivered mail by SMS.