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CITY BUILDING s.r.o. has  in its offer :


Rent of office premises

Rent of non-residential premises from the company CITY BUILDING s.r.o.
Total area, that we have in offer for you is 1 800 m2 at 3 floors. Each floor have area of 600m2. Therefore you can choose from premises with area 19m2 or 38m2.

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CITY BUILDING s.r.o. has also an accommodation in its offer. 
You can choose from selection of 48 double-beds and 4 triple beds rooms. Accommodation is in the form of cellular system. Every cell has two rooms with private bathroom and WC. Each floor is equipped withcommon room and kitchen.

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Virtual office

Nice office represents also the company, which is located in it. There are however areas where there is no need to have own premises. However, due to circumstances such as goodwill (reputation), or
mailing address, you are forced to rent a space. Also, you might be interested in this service if you
intend to extend your activities into a different city. We have a cost-effective solution for you.

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