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Location of your future office is in Košice, part Šaca. It is located at the main road E50. Your business travels to Roznava and Bratislava will be a little shorter. The building is at the junction of streets Buzinská - Železiarenská. If you do not have any kind of cooperation with the U. S. Steel Company s.r.o. yet, now you have them within reach and you can take advantage of new opportunities. The building is in good position if you need to get to the city center or the airport. Within reach, there are also for you the Industrial park Kechnec and Košice- Pereš.


It is simply a building located in the middle of opportunities and chances for better business enterprise.


How does your clients get to you?


City bus stop is located 100 m from business center.

City centre -15 min. (City bus - MHD) OC Optima-10 min. (City bus - MHD)


Košice Transit Company lines:

20,26,52,56,N3,R1 - R5, R7, RA1 - RA6.


Soon you'll be able to visit a great place for a quick lunch. At the ground floor there will be a Fast Food. And after work buying food at FRESH. These are other and significant advantages of the place where your company headquarters will be located.